How To Drink

Sep 29, 2022

Guidance on how best to enjoy alcohol without over-consumption, with large applications to any vice.


How To Drink details the pros and cons of alcohol and how to make the most of it should you choose to partake. The only viable reasoning for partaking is for your own enjoyment. You must be selective of who you choose to associate with as they will dictate the path of both the experience and, over a long enough time frame, your life. Engage in the festivities and become a joy to be around; humour people in their interests, be polite and easygoing, and know your limitations and stay below them—ensure sound functioning of the body and mind.

Actionable Takeaways

  1. Don’t drink for the sake of others, but yourself and personal enjoyment.
  2. Associate with those that are beneficial to your life and the life you wish to lead.
  3. Embrace the moment and make it as enjoyable as possible for you and your peers.
  4. Know your limitations and stay within them.

Favourite Quotes

The life of the mind isn’t sustainable over the long haul if it doesn’t get rest at regular intervals.

Vincent Obsopoeus

Mould your character on the people you’re excited to become friends with. You have to want to get your life together, be a person of achievements, be a person of integrity, say what you really think, be honest and sincere, and keep your word.

Vincent Obsopoeus

Don’t be shortsighted. Don’t let the years of precious time you’ve been granted pass with nothing to show for them.

Vincent Obsopoeus

The number of people doing wrong is no excuse for wrongdoing, nor does the fact that a vice is popular atone for it.

Vincent Obsopoeus

No time in centuries has been as wine-addled as ours. You can go far these days if you can just stay sober.