Low Tech Life

Jan 12, 2024

A highlighting of the importance of intentionality with smartphone use, as it is easily all-consuming, and the alternative dumbphone.


In order to lead the life in which we aspire to, we must be aware of the impact of smartphones. This is because of their use being a large portion of our waking hours. While enabling engagement with many wondrous activities through the recent surge in capability, developers have taken advantage of the human psyche to addict the individual such that the majority of time spent serves no purpose.

It is then important to break this addiction to mindless consumption and act with increased intentionality in the pursuit of fulfillment. The devices themselves are increasingly enticing due to the beautiful design and large, vivid screens. An alternative is the dumbphone, think more towards a phone from 2010, with limited capability and questionable design.

A dumbphone is limited in it's ability, offering only what is essential. Capabilities are ranged among the offerings and their use is largely driven by those wanting respite from the constant barrage of attention-sapping notifications. The switching from a smartphone to a dumbphone is an optimization for focus, opting for less distraction and more mindfulness such that the individual can lead a more fulfilling and capable life.

Actionable Takeaways

  1. Be mindful of, and track if possible, the time spent on smart devices so that you are increasingly aware of it's use.
  2. Discern and remove unnecessary apps such that only the essentials remain, reducing optionality and making use less enticing.
  3. Create barriers towards excessive device usage through dedicated storage locations and time blocks for use.
  4. Consider switching to a dumbphone to further reduce use while maintaining functionality.

Favourite Quotes

It is easy to succumb to the convenience and appeal of digital devices, but being aware of their impact on our lives is vital.

Jose Briones

Smartphones are designed to constantly stimulate us, creating a need for instant gratification and making it hard to put them down. These devices are not designed to help us reach our full potential but rather to keep us distracted and addicted to their features.

Jose Briones

By limiting the available features, dumbphones enable users to focus on what truly matters in their lives, fostering a healthier relationship with technology. This approach to device design encourages users to live more in the present moment and engage more deeply with their surroundings, promoting a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Jose Briones

The solution to an overbusy life is not more time. It's to slow down and simplify our lives around what really matters.